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1. The main characteristics of the house :

Many – storeyed building has three sections accordingly 16-18-22 storeys
Type of dwelling house
Monolithic - framework
Term of finishing of construction
4-th quarter 2011
Height of a storey
3 m
Total quantity of flats in the house 
57 % - Single room flats
132 (57%)
13 % - Two rooms flats 
31    (13%)
27 % -Three rooms flats 
63    (27%)
1 % -  Four rooms flats
2      (1%)
1 % -  Five rooms flats 
2      (1%)
1 % - Six rooms flats  
2    (1%)
Quantity of parking of the 1-st line
Total square of dwelling and uninhabited buildings
27778,7 sq.m.
Total square of dwelling flats
25711,3 sq.m.
Total square of commercial rooms
1287,4 sq.m.


2. The degree of concordance of the project.

  • The affirmative complex conclusion of the state consultant’s investigation to the working project «Many – storeyed block of flats in the 5-G, General Gorbachev street, Feo-dosiya» was received.
  • The decision of Feodosiya’s city’s executive committee of AR Crimea “About the permission for performance of preparatory works on the lot of the land in the General Gorbachev street, 5-G, Feodosiya” was adopted.
  • Permission for the fulfilment of building works for the construction of many – storeyed block of flats in the 5-G, General Gorbachev street was given by the inspection of state architectural – building control of the city Feodosiya .


    1. The general information about the project

    The construction of the many – storeyed block of flats will be done by AV Company on the free of buildings lot of land (Pict.1). Total square is 6 992 sq.m. The lot is located in the 5-G General Gorbachev street in city Feodosiya, at the seashore of Feodosiyskiy bay, near the north – east foot of Bulvarnaya (Krasnaya) Gorka.

    Picture 1

    The owner - the Joint company «АV – Invest».

    Juridical address of the owner: 98100, АR Crimea, Feodosiya, 31, Ukrainian street.

    The shape of the lot of land is – irregular polygon.

    The lot of land borders:

    • From the north – on the three –and- two- storeyed administrative buildings of sanatorium of Ministry of Defence , two- storeyed café and General Gorbachev street;
    • From the south – on the two- storeyed club’ building of sanatorium of Ministry of Defence and on the territory of the boarding – school.
    • From the west – on the one- storeyed café «Zolotoye runo» and economic zone of the sanatorium of Ministry of Defence.
    • From the east – on the building of summer cinema «Zvezdnyi».

    Relief of the lot of land – calm, flat.

    The lot of land is located in the zone of the public buildings and closed to the park zone of the city.
    Attraction of the lot of the land for the investors – is one of highest in the city. Actually you can consider it as a unique one, which is confirmed by the nearness of the ad-ministrative, cultural and business centre of Feodosiya , and the well equipped quay.

    Сommunications of the building site – are the whole complex of engineer nets on the border of the lot of land.

    Aimed prescription of the building site is many – storeyed block of flats.
    The thoroughfare to the lot of the land is organized from the Revolutionnaya street (4,5 m width) and additionally from the General Gorbachev street ( 6,0 width). The thoroughfares with hard cover are in good technical state. Footpaths 1.5 m width with hard cover are planned.
    Borders of lot of the land are marked and fixed in the nature.
    To the special conditions belongs the seismic rate of the area of 8 balls.

    Type of property – private.

    2.Architectural decisions of the project

    The sections have following storeys:

    • section №1 -18 storeys (17 dwelling + 1 uninhabited)
    • section №2 – 22 storeys (21 dwelling + 1 uninhabited) + parking
    • section №3 -16 storeys (15 dwelling + 1 uninhabited) + parking.

    Height of the dwelling floor in all sections is - 3,0m.
    Height of uninhabited rooms, which are built in the section N 1, is 5,450 m (from the floor to the floor).
    Height of uninhabited rooms, which are built in the sections N 2 and 3, is 5,450 m (from the floor to the floor).
    To the sections N2 and N3 are annexed two one-storeyed buildings with floor mark - 5,450 м.
    In the plinth of the sections N 2 and N3 in the uninhabited rooms are located: parking, diesel engine room and service rooms.
    Each section is equipped by the lifts:

    • the first section –1х1000кg and 2 х 630кg
    • second section -1х100кg, 2 х 630кg and 1 panorama lift 400 кg, which is lowered to the parking.
    • The third section – 1 х 1000кg, 2 х 630кg (one of them – 630 кg is lowered to the parking).

    3.Constructive decisions

    Three dwelling sections and two parts of one – storeyed parking are blockade into common volume with the help of mechanism of deformation joints (temperature- shrinked) in the places of different height of the buildings under the conditions of the lowering of the efforts because of the temperature and the shrinkage of the concrete and reinforced con-crete constructions.

    Temperature - shrinked joints are anti-seismic too.
    All the joints are projected as through on the whole height, they cut all the structures to the foot of rostwerks.
    By the calculation of the covering of the parking were distinguished three zones:

    • pavements,
    • lawns,
    • thoroughfare.

    The dwelling many – storeyed sections are projected under framework – communica-tion’s scheme from the monolithic reinforced concrete of the class В30, by the density W4. The maximum height of the building is 22 storeys. The house will have three stages. It evi-dently will become the most beautiful building of the city.

    It is foreseen by the project the laying out of the green plantations at the closed city’s territory and additionally 1.2 ga, children ground, guarding of the territory, anti- fire signal-ling, autonomous heating from the own gas boiler – room, autonomous substation for ex-treme electric supply.

    The water will be given all the day and night. For this purpose must be done the up-grade of city’s system of water supply and settled additional active reserve of the water in the closed territory. It is foreseen the replacing of the equipment of the city’s sewerage sta-tion N 2 with its total reconstruction.

    The transformer substation will be built with the giving of electric power from the four substations of the city.


    4.“Know –how” in the project.

    The project contains unique possibilities as follow:

    Opportunity to get the flat directly from the lift. The lift control is performed by the in-dividual electronic key, which doesn’t allow access to that storey which hasn’t a special elec-tronic permission.

    Lift serves the plinth including, that’s why the exit into the parking can be made directly from the flat without going outdoors.
    Panorama lift will present you with unforgettable impressions from the nature during the lifting.

    The free planning of the flat without limits for the fantasy of the future owner.

    The flats with big terraces on the cover have an opportunity to organize the pools with sea water, that can considerably raise the investitional attraction of such flats.

    Making of planning shapes of the sections in the form of segment of the ellipses faced to each other wich can allow  the windows to exclude “looking vis-a-vis”.

    Sound isolation between the flats is provided by the using of the special technologies.  It is foreseen the using of the special modern floor covering, that considerably improve the noise isolation between the floors.

    The project foresees the modern unique facade system (ventilated facade) like the technology of the Canadian firm “Zerringer” with using of the original ceramic tile. Seismic firmness – 10 balls, that considerable exceeds the required rates. The firm gives the guaran-tee for façade for 50 years.

    It is foreseen by the project the making of weak flowing systems as a SKN  (Structure Cable Nets), which allow to organize a system “intellectual house” in each flat.

    Each flat has an opportunity to be connected on the internet, satellite and cable TV and telephone.
    It was projected the possibility to arrange a system of conditioning like a “Multysplit”.

    The glasses of the windows will be placed with using of the special energy saving glass that can prevent the overheating of the rooms in summer and loss of warmth in winter. 

    Technology of removal of the rubbish «The clean entrance».

    Using of the individual boiler – room will allow to have all the year around the hot wa-ter.

    The own diesel generator station can provide the feeding of electric power in the case of emergency situation on the city’s electric nets.
    Besides, it is foreseen   by the project followings:

    • using of energy saving technologies by the next exploitation of the Komplex;
    • comfort of engineer systems in service.

    The convenient window glasses of the building and also trimming of the building with ceramic tile will not allow   destroying of the facades in the future and will save the primary appearance of the building for ages.  The special places (niches) will be foreseen for conditioning systems. 

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